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Book Production
Don't Get Left on the Shelf

Whether you are in need of a cover design, book interior layout, or the combination of the two, Marc Taylor Creative, LLC offers complete book design services.

Everyone says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” We say, “Let them.” With today’s technology, your book must compete with other well designed books with high quality graphics. For your book to be considered for purchase, the cover must grab the attention of your target audience. However, good design does not stop there. Once a potential customer is holding your book or viewing an excerpt online, the interior layout must invite viewers to read.

At Marc Taylor Creative, we first consider the preferences of the author for the cover and interior layout. The cover must be a direct reflection of the author’s style, giving an immediate impression of the contents. The imagery, graphics, and title must all tie together seamlessly. The result is a unique expression that readers will want to buy and booksellers will be proud to have on display.

The interior layout is crucial to the readability of the book. For books to read easily the font must be carefully chosen. Its size and spacing all affect how the book will flow. The font correlates with the margins and the page dimensions. Chapter titles, headings, and page numbers are also purposely chosen. Other elements that will affect the interior are the inclusion of graphic elements or photography and their placement. When these items all work together, your book will read easily, and potential readers will be compelled to buy. 

We also offer designs for series of books, indexing, and a degree of editorial services.