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PowerPoint Flash
Be Persuasive
Need a quality presentation? We can help you look great in front of your audience!

Whether you have an idea, a product, or a service, a well developed presentation will captivate your targeted audience’s attention and help you accomplish your informative or promotional goals. Our experienced designers work from slide ready content from clients. We design for you.  Our focus is to enhance your message with design, not distract your audience.  With your compelling message, we do the rest, giving you the edge that you desire. Our styles include: clean, minimalist, classic, detailed, or elaborate designs.

Motion Graphics:
If you’re looking for a new approach a motion-based presentation may be what you are looking for.
A benefit to a motion graphics presentation is the ability to create a slideshow and/or a movie.  Motion graphic videos can easily be added to websites. Their smaller file size allows them to be uploaded and viewed quickly. PowerPoint presentations are larger and require the PowerPoint application or viewer. If you are trying to decide between a motion-based graphic video or PowerPoint presentation, keep in mind that a motion-based graphic video is not easily printed.  

  • Design Custom Templates and Graphics
  • Color Schemes
  • Consistent use of Brand
  • Insert animations, audio, and/or video
  • Professional, royalty free imagery.
  • Create Diagrams, Charts, and/or Tables
  • Professional  use of typography
  • Overall modern, appealing, and effective design.
  • Apply transitions
  • Our in-house marketing experts can offer assistance with revisions and additional concepts

Our experience enables us to create organized information with easy navigation.  We understand our client’s needs because we study your business and focus on the target audience to create your customized presentation. Our designers are professional and efficient in designing successful presentations.  

We also offer customized templates. Often existing templates lack professional style and appear too generic to support your presentation. We know how much time and effort are required to successfully express your ideas and arguments in a presentation. The appearance of your message should reinforce that same quality.  The background is designed specific to your presentation. Transitions, quality graphics, sounds, movies, and photography can all be incorporated into your template. This provides you with a specialized presentation, but offers you the freedom to edit content and adjust your slide structure as desired. Training on editing your presentation is also available.

PowerPoint Make-over:
  • Have an old PowerPoint presentation that needs to be updated?  A few services we provide include:
  • Add or Remove Content
  • Insert brand
  • Changes in typography
  • New color schemes
  • Insert animations, audio, and/or video
  • New royalty free imagery
  • We can also convert a PowerPoint into a Flash presentation.

Areas commonly designed for include:
  • Training
  • Research
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Tradeshow
  • Public Relations
  • Business Plans
  • Lecturers
  • Non-Profit
  • Corporate
  • Online Demonstration

Participant handouts, CD duplications, and other printed materials for distribution are available as needed.

Presentation Tips:
When preparing the content for a presentation, begin with these key areas:

  • What is the overall goal of your presentation?
  • Define the demographics of your target audience.
  • What response would you like from your audience?
  • What information does your audience need?
Capturing your audience's attention is vital. Your introduction must grab their attention. Don’t assume that they are already interested.  Invoke their interest with a question or relate to them with and engaging story.  Once you have their attention, let them know what to expect.  Your description should be concise and differentiating.  Remember, too much information leaves no room for questions. An engaged audience that is asking questions allows you to answer in detail, thus adding to your credibility.  When presenting your information, fewer bullet points are ideal. Bulleted information often leads to a disinterested audience as the presenter re-iterates the information on the slide. An alternative is to use a trigger statement with related imagery.  This creates more slides, but with less information per slide, the presentation flows faster, and retains the attention of the audience. Including testimonials and examples often add authenticity to your message. Finally ask the audience for your desired response. Applying these tips should give your presentation a strong advantage.