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Ad Production
Ad Production

Advertising has been evolving since the early 1700s. There is no doubt your ad needs to be unique to gain attention. That attention should leave your audience informed and purchasing your product or service. The overall goal of your ad is to attain a return on your investment. However, the ad also needs to be a reflection of your company reputation and brand identity. At Marc Taylor Creative, we learn about your company’s message, stay up-to-date with current software, and take notice of advertising trends to provide you with the edge you need.


There are several key elements for high quality print ads:

  • It must CAPTURE attention
    If your ad doesn’t stand out, your message won’t either.  
  • Headlines
    Headlines are one of the most important elements of an ad, as they grab the attention of the reader and influence continued reading.
    It must be appealing, addressing a problem, offering a challenge, or simply spark interest. 
  • Communicate quickly
    Too much copy or too little copy? With the help of an effective headline, the viewer will be looking to read more about what you are offering and its quality. Be precise and get to the point. The reader wants to know what you are selling, why it’s the superior choice, and the benefit of buying today, but they don’t want to have to spend several minutes figuring it out.   
  • Viewers must relate to the message
    With your target audience in mind, the use of customer testimonials, a relative story, or the personal touch of photos of you or your staff will often prick emotions and cause a deeper interest. 
  • Invoke a response to your product or service
    Tell them specifically what is unique about your product or service
  • Include a call to action
    Consumers are more likely to buy if they know they only have a specific time to do so when a special deal is involved. Provide them with a phone number, website, or address, and ask them to contact you.
  • Memorable
    The audience must remember that it was your product in the ad in order for you to make sales. That is why consistent use of your brand is necessary. It is important to know that the use of an ad campaign, instead of a single ad, allows your brand to become easily recognizable, and its repetition allows viewers to remember you and your product/service. 


Online Advertisements
While considering the basic guidelines for an ad, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration for online advertisements. The type of online ad can influence whether or not the viewer will, first, want to look at it. Trusted forms of online ads include banners, sky scrapers, big box, and pop-ins. However, if the ad is a pop-up, most viewers will see it as a distracting intrusion and probably consider it to be a scam.
Online ads are beneficial because they can include interactivity. This will often retain the potential customer’s attention longer.
An additional advantage is the ability to link directly to your website. Be sure to link directly to the product, service, or promotional page that you want the viewer to visit.