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Consider how your brand affects your business . . .
Brand is paramount in both service and product arenas, creating awareness, driving perception, and determining the desirability of offerings. Brands with top of mind awareness have higher perceived value and attain higher price points.

Brand \'brand\ : A promise to deliver a clearly stated, unique and relevant benefit that is consistently expressed both tangibly and intangibly to differentiate the offering from competitors. The tangible components of a brand, such as the brand's name and logo, are often trademarked to create defendable assets for the organization.

What Makes Us Different And Better
Our brand strategy is persuasive. Most brand companies pursue brand positions that have the most meaning to the client, which means the client’s primary result is preaching to the choir. This type of approach usually leans towards talking to current customers, not the customers they can attract from other brands. The most important target audience for corporate brand, marketing and advertising strategy—the one in which you want to change buying behavior and create preference—is the customer of the competitive brands.

Brand as a Process
The steps to to a successful effort in cultivating a desired brand are as follows:

Step One: Learn
Understand the client, the industry, the competition and the product and / or service to be promoted.

Step Two: Problem Solve
Identify specific consumer / market needs and develop key brand messages and unique selling points that set the brand apart.

Step Three: Define and Identify
Define all avenues of sales and distribution (direct, online, retail) and identify target audiences (employees, investors, sales force, distributors, retailers, consumers).

Step Four: Imagine and Create
Develop and test logo(s), and brand message and create brand guidelines.

Step Five: Implement
Create and produce a complete toolbox of dynamic and integrated marketing, sales and training materials and communications strategies that support the brand promise.

Step Six: Be Accountable
With hands-on detailed project management of every aspect of the project, ensure delivery of high-impact solutions on time and within budget.

Brand Management Builds Brand Equity
The process of managing an organization’s brand(s) should increase long-term brand equity. Marc Taylor Creative builds strategic brand campaigns, online and offline, to assist clients in learning how to differentiate themselves and express their message to their desired target market through the most important touchpoints: the identity, websites, and literature.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any questions; we’d love to help. It's what we do.™